What Happens At The PTE Test Center?

If you’re planning to take the Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic, you might be curious about what to expect on test day. The PTE Academic is a computer-based English language proficiency test widely accepted for study abroad and immigration purposes. To help ease your nerves and ensure you’re fully prepared, let’s take a closer look at what happens at the PTE test center.

Arrival and Check-In

checkin pte
On the day of your PTE Academic test, it’s crucial to arrive at the test center with plenty of time to spare, make sure to reach before 30 minutes. Arriving early will give you the opportunity to settle your nerves and ensure you have all the necessary documents.

Here’s a list of what you should bring:

  • Valid Passport: You must bring the same passport you used for booking the test.
  • Test Confirmation Email: This email contains your registration details and a QR code.
  • Personal Belongings: Leave your personal items such as bags, cell phones, and other electronic devices in a designated area outside the testing room. Some test centers may provide lockers for secure storage.

Here is what will happen when you arrive there:-

  • You will be asked to write down your name and other details in some forms and sign
  • You will asked to collect all the items in your pocket and put inside a locker, so please dont array anything valueables.
  • You will be taken to the biometric room where your photo and palm scan will be taken
  • You can goto bathroom now
  • Then, you will be taken to the test room

Identity Verification

identification pte

To maintain the integrity of the test, you’ll be asked to go through an identity verification process. This usually involves taking a digital photograph of you and collecting biometric data like a palm scan. They will also perform the palm scan once again after the test is finished.


orientation pte

Before the actual test begins, you’ll receive a brief orientation on how to use the computer and navigate through the test interface. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if anything is unclear during this time.

Test Sections

The PTE Academic is divided into several sections, each assessing different language skills. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

  1. Speaking & Writing: You’ll start with the speaking and writing section. This involves tasks like reading aloud, repeating sentences, and writing essays.

  2. Reading: Next is the reading section, which evaluates your reading comprehension skills. You’ll answer questions based on a variety of written passages.

  3. Listening: Following the reading section, you’ll move on to the listening portion. This assesses your ability to understand spoken English, including audio clips of conversations and lectures.

  4. Break: You will not have any scheduled break. The optional 10-minute break has also been removed so you can get the test done faster. Just remember to visit the restroom and grab a drink before your test!

  5. Speaking: The second speaking section comes after the break. You’ll respond to questions, summarize spoken texts, and engage in conversations.

  6. Writing: Finally, the test concludes with the writing section. You’ll have to write essays in response to given prompts.

Test Environment

The PTE test center provides a controlled and comfortable environment for test-takers. You’ll sit in a dedicated testing room with individual computer stations equipped with headphones and microphones. The room is usually quiet to minimize distractions.

Test Duration

The entire PTE Academic test takes approximately 2 hours to 3 hours to complete, including the orientation and break. Make sure to manage your time wisely during each section to ensure you have enough time to complete all the tasks.

Test Results

pte test result

One of the significant advantages of the PTE Academic is its rapid scoring system. You’ll receive your scores typically within 2-3 business days after completing the test. These scores will be available online, and you’ll also receive an email notification.

In my case, I got the results after 3 hours of end of exam. You will get an email when result/score is ready.


  • There will be very a noisy environment so practice with noise at your home. You can use online services like https://noises.online/
  • Make sure to practice using external QWERT Keyboard and Mouse, do not use laptop keyboard and track/touch pad.
    • mouse
  • You will given 3-4 erasable sheets, that should suffice.
    • pte erasable pad
  • They will ask you about the mypte account, don’t share your password. Tell, you dont remember.
  • Make sure you adjust the volume and screen brightness. Prolonged staring at a brighter screen can cause eye strain during the exam.
    • pte screen

About Test Center - Alfabeta, Baneshwor

pte center
It was a session of about 8-10 people but the room was smaller so it was noisy.


Taking the PTE Academic is a crucial step in your journey to study abroad or immigrate to an English-speaking country. Knowing what to expect on test day can help ease your anxiety and improve your performance. Remember to arrive early, bring the necessary documents, and stay calm throughout the process. With proper preparation and a clear understanding of the test day experience, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your desired PTE Academic score.