How to get driving license verified in nepal for foreign purposes(Aus,Canada,Middle East)

Driving in a foreign country requires a verified driving license. If you’re from Australia, Canada, or the Middle East
and plan to drive in Nepal, here’s how you can get your driving license verified.

Required Documents for Driver’s License Verification

To initiate the verification process, you’ll need the following documents:

  1. Written Nibedan / Application Letter in Nepali

    Include a Rs. 10 Postal Ticket with the application. In some offices you might not need to attach ticket.

    If your license is from Ekantakuna Office, use the specified application format.

    Format for Ekantakuna, Lalitpur Other Offices
    driver-license-verification-form-ekantakuna yatayat-nibedan-license-verify
    Please find the text version of the application here

    You can find the application format at Room 114, Ekantakuna, and here for other offices. Fill, sign, and provide
    fingerprints as required.

  2. Driver’s License Extract Print (2 copies)

    Obtain from Room No. 114 at Ekantakuna office.

    From Ekantakuna office, goto Room No. 114 and you can get Extract or printed version of abilekh from DOTM database.

    driving license extract sample nepal

  3. Proof of Payment

    Receipt of the required fees, which will be guided by the help desk.
    You need to pay some fees before you submit the application. Help desk will guide you. In case of Ekantakuna Office,
    you need to goto 107 window. Pay Rs. 1000 per document.

    bank-window proof of payment voucher roof of payment
  4. Photocopies

    Make copies of your Driver’s License, Citizenship, and Passport. If obtaining documents on behalf
    of a spouse, include a marriage certificate copy. Marriage certificate copy if you are collecting docs on behalf of your spouse(husband/wife).

Get a English certificate from DOTM

Goto to Room 114 at Ekantakuna Office



  • Goto Room 114
  • Ask for Nibedan Form
  • Ask for Abilekh/Extract Print
  • Fill the form
  • They will verify your docs
  • They will send you to Room 115(Section Officer) for Verification
  • Go to Room 107 for payment
  • Fill voucher
  • Get Recipt from Room 108
  • Goto 114 and they will give you printed letter
  • Verify your details
  • Goto 116 for signature from Section Officer
  • Goto 114 for stamping and registration of the letter
  • Get your letter

Get it Attested from Department of Consular Services

You then need to take the verification letter to Department of Consular Services Tripureshwork, kathmandu.
Visit the Nepal Consular Office at Tripureshwor for verification. Take
the verification letter, along with your original and photocopies of the driver’s license, citizenship/passport, and
the letter you need attested.

Click here to see the map.

How to get there?

department of consular service department of passport

Its new Department of Passport Building. Gate-1 is for passports and Gate-2 is for Consular service.

  • Goto gate-2
  • Goto “Department of consular services”
  • Goto help desk
  • Ask them you want to get Driving License Verification letter attested
  • They will ask for
    • Driving license original & Photocopy
    • Your Citizenship/Passport Original
    • photocopy and original of Letter you want to attest
  • They will give you a token number
  • Wait for your token number to be announced in Queuing System
  • Wait sitting on bench.

How It Looks After All?

verification-letter-dotm.png verification-letter-dotm-2


In summary, obtaining a verified driver’s license for use in Nepal involves a simple yet structured process. Begin by
preparing the necessary documents, including the application, license extract, proof of payment, and relevant
photocopies. Obtain an English certificate from DOTM and proceed to the Department of Consular Services for attestation.
Adhering to these steps ensures a smooth transition to legally driving in Nepal with your foreign license.