Navigating the Health Declaration Form for China: Arrival and Transfer

Are you gearing up for an exciting journey to China, whether for leisure or business? In today’s global landscape, being well-prepared for your travels is more important than ever. One essential requirement for entry into China is the Health Declaration Form, a crucial document that can greatly streamline your arrival and transfer process. In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll guide you through the intricacies of filling out the Health Declaration Form, explain its verification upon arrival, and provide insights into the procedures for international transfers in China.

Preparing for Your Voyage to China

China, with its rich history, diverse culture, and stunning landscapes, has long been a magnet for travelers worldwide. Whether you’re a tourist, a business traveler, or someone visiting loved ones, one common thread unites all travelers: the necessity of meeting health and safety standards outlined by the Chinese government. This is especially significant given the ongoing global health concerns.

As you prepare for your journey, keep in mind that completing the Health Declaration Form is not a mere option; it’s a mandatory requirement. This document serves as a critical tool that allows Chinese authorities to monitor and track the health status of incoming passengers, which is of paramount importance during public health emergencies.

Important Update: Effective from August 30, 2023, all travelers bound for China are no longer required to take a COVID-19 nucleic acid or antigen test before crossing the border, nor do they need to declare the test results on the Health Declaration Form.

Navigating International Transfers

For those planning international trips with layovers in China, understanding the Health Declaration Form and its associated processes is equally vital. China boasts several major international airports serving as transit hubs, including Beijing Capital International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, and Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.

While transiting through China, passengers generally remain within the secure transit area of the airport. However, specific health and safety protocols must be observed, including the presentation of your Health Declaration Form and, if applicable, any required COVID-19 test results.

Streamlining Short Connecting Flights

If you find yourself facing short connecting flights in China, time becomes your most precious commodity. To ensure a smooth transit experience, consider the following tips:

  • Travel Light: Opt for minimal baggage to expedite security checks.
  • Skip Metallic Items: Avoid belts and shoes with metallic elements that can slow you down.
  • Keep Documents Handy: Ensure that essential documents, such as your passport, Health Declaration Form, and any required test results, are easily accessible.

QR Code Facilitation Through WeChat

QR Code for Health Declaration Form

A pivotal element of the Health Declaration Form process is the QR code provided through WeChat. Here’s how it operates:

  1. First Scan the WeChat Code or Website QR Code: To access the Health Declaration Form, scan the QR code provided on your arrival or access the official website. This is your entry point to the form.

  2. Provide a Local Phone Number: When completing the Health Declaration Form, you must supply a phone number that functions in China, even if you’re in transit to another country. If you lack a local number, consider using a hotel’s contact information as an alternative.

  3. Fill the Form: Carefully fill out the form, making sure to check “entry” instead of “exit” if traveling to China, regardless of whether you’re just transiting.

  4. Get Your QR Code: After submitting the form, you’ll receive a QR code. Take a screenshot for added safety and easy access.

  5. Ensure Your Phone Is Charged: Your phone is a crucial tool for accessing the QR code and navigating the airport. Keep it fully charged throughout your journey.

  6. Filling at the Airport: While you can fill out the form at the airport, it’s recommended to complete it beforehand. Filling it at the airport requires internet access, which can be challenging to connect to in China.

  7. Scan the QR Code at Checkpoints: To navigate through security checkpoints in China, scan the QR code obtained from the Health Declaration Form. This QR code acts as your digital pass.

How to Fill the Form

Sample QR Code You Will Receive

sample qrcode QR Code Scanning at Checkpoint

In Conclusion

Your journey to China involves more than just booking flights and accommodations. Understanding the intricacies of the Health Declaration Form and the related procedures, both for arrival and transit, can significantly enhance your travel experience. Being well-prepared and informed is the key to a smoother, less stressful journey. It’s essential to adhere to the requirements set by Chinese authorities, ensuring you embark on a memorable and safe adventure in this captivating and diverse nation. Bon voyage!